10 Jan

Problem Solving and Decision Making

Problem Solving

Problem Solving and Decision Making

Problem Solving and Decision Making are among the 10 key skills for a Manager/Leader of the 2015 and the 2020 (source: World Economic Forum 2016) considering the changing nature of work that since 70’s is becoming more and more heuristic rather than predictable and repeatable.

Yet the problems are typically solved both in variable teams as well as individually, it becomes fundamental to learn how to apply those techniques in a group environment avoiding overlap, frustration and conflicts while maintaining productivity and focus.

At any level leaders and managers need to know how to facilitate, lead and coach complex Problem-Solving activities while mastering the various other competences like communication, collaboration and project management.

The courses and workshops in this area are conceived and designed for leaders, managers and hi-potential individuals working in top-notch departments needing to upgrade their competences in problem solving and decision making both at individual and group level.

What you will learn?


Problem Solving and Decision Making phases
Team dynamics in Problem Solving
Problem definition aspects
Client’s approach analysis in Problem Solving
The “good enough” approach
Solutions identification and structuring
Emotional Intelligence aspects in Problem Solving phases
Decision Making approaches
Autonomy and Delegation challenges
Communication and Problem Solving
Link between Decision Making and Communication
Complex interaction challenges in PSDM
Leadership and Influence in Problem Solving
Listening and Questioning in PSDM