10 Jan

Influence, Persuasion and Negotiation

Influence, persuasion and negotiation

Influence, Persuasion and Negotiation

Every time anybody says the words: “I want …” a negotiation is started. Life is full of negotiation situations where it’s not a matter of winning and losing but to better collaborate, achieving a joint problem-solving solution that satisfies all the counterparts.

Influence, persuasion and negotiation are 3 mandatory sets of skills in a business world aspiring and aiming to become more and more collaborative. So far: destructive competition, the inability to manage constructively the conflicts and the lack of precise listening and questioning skills are among the main obstacles to achieve the desired productivity and results.

Yet the quality of the personal relationships and the trust, two imperative pillars for a motivated team, are impacted by the lack of effective negotiation and persuasion skills.

The courses and workshops in this area are conceived and designed for leaders, managers and any kind of employees needing to upgrade their competences and attitudes in negotiation, influence and persuasion at work (and not only).

What you will learn?


MBTI (Myers Briggs) methodology
Conflict Management using MBTI and EI
Influence and Persuasion basic techniques
Intra-company benefits of Influence techniques
Negotiation classical approaches
Dirty Tactics in Negotiation and defense tips
Negotiation emotional aspects
Influence and persuasion in Communication
Emotion recognition and Lie Detection
Intra-personal aspects of EI
Negotiation in Problem Definition
Negotiation as collaborative technologies