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Communication and Interaction Coaching

Communication and interaction

Communication and Interaction | Coaching

Changing your habits and behaviours in Communication and Interaction is difficult and rewarding at the same time. Talk to anyone who has tried to change their listening approach, emotional posture or even pauses during a speech in front of 100 people.

Yet role-modelling in Communication and Interaction is no longer an optional choice. It is an imperative.

How much time and energy do you spend in communicating and interacting? How big is the percentage of your agenda dedicated to: interviews, meetings, presentations, calls (video and other media)? What is the price you or your team have paid for a simple communication misunderstanding?

You need help with this ambitious journey, you need a Communication an Interaction Coach. You need a sound professional to ask good questions, listen intently, offer compassion, show you more appropriate communication techniques and the latest discoveries in neuroscience and cognitive psychology. You need somebody to create a caring relationship while assisting you in building new habits and self-discipline. You need somebody to help you to exploit your potential and authenticity, while improving your pleasure, efficiency and efficacy in critical business situations.

Are you ready for becoming a better version of yourself?

Coaching Examples
A safe laboratory to work on

How does it work?

The coach and the coachee will go through a “coaching project” that contemplates 3 phases

An important communication event? An unexpected crisis?
An ambitious new Business Plan?

For special situations such as an important speech (with or without support), a difficult or unexpected workshop to be moderated, or a difficult one-to-one conversation, an high-impact and hyper-accelerated intervention can be organized to help you to better manage and succeed.



The coaching schedule will be based on 4 inputs: assessment results, constraints, personal and professional goals.


Coaching sessions will be mainly in person at the client site and occasionally via remote media.


It is possible, and sometimes strongly suggested, to record and review the coaching sessions to accelerate the learning and keep track of the improvements.


The coaching program will be tailored to your learning preferences, culture and agenda’s constraints.


It is possible to easily organise remote coaching sessions depending on the following main factors: urgency, expected results and logistics.


Regular follow-up sessions and/or ad-hoc situations, can be organized and scheduled on the basis of the final coaching assessment or the clients’ desiderata.

The art of communication is the language of Leadership.
– James Hume